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La Dolfina is worldwide known as the best polo team in the history. Three consecutive time winner of the Triple Crown, it is a synonym of excellence. Today, the best polo in the world introduces its new wine collection, an emblem form Argentine polo.

When Adolfo Cambiaso, the team founder, travels around the world to compete in tournaments with the royalty, he never arrives empty-handed. One of these wines are the special gift that he always brings with him in each international tour. Today they are at your fingertips.

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Malbec Reserva

2018 | 750ml Bottle (25.5 oz)


This Malbec was aged for 14 months in French oak barrels from exclusively hand-picked Malbec grapes from our vineyard.

Tasting Notes

Presents an intense and deep color with cherry tones. Rich in marmalade aromas of strawberries, plums and wild berries. Hints of wood resins from the oak barrels are also present. In the mouth it is vast, dense and has good volume. Fluxing tannins give it body and a rounded taste, leaving a long finale in the mouth

Malbec Clásico

2019 | 750ml Bottle (25.5 oz)


Wine elaborated during 9 months in stainless-steel tanks. Award-winning wine with a 95 point score in the 2019 IWC competition in London.

Tasting Notes

Dark and intense color with cherry tones this is a very bright and lively wine. Rich in marmalade aromas of strawberries, ripe fruits, wild berries and cinnamon. In mouth it is silky with a good texture, voluminous and balanced. Final persistence and velvety this wine maintains the freshness of it’s initial aroma.

Rosé Malbec

2021 | 750ml Bottle (25.5 oz)


Wine elaborated over 6 months in stainless-steel tanks from the sangria of Malbec grapes.

Tasting Notes

This in no ordinary rose. The strength of both the men and women in the polo field lives in the spirit of this wine. Presents brilliant copper tones. Floral aromas especially those of rose and later notes of ripe and dried fruits follow. In the mouth it is balanced, voluminous with good body; a sweet initial attack that leaves a silky sensation and persistent final.

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